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Here’s What People Are Saying

I was told I could not run again and needed a horrific surgery for an extreme fallen arch two years ago. I bought The Power of Posture and the 10-Week Course, but most of all relearned the way I looked at anatomy and how the body actually operates. Today I did a 5 km mountain trail run, pain free in minimal shoes. No surgery for this 50 year old! A lot of negative mental stuff happens to an active person when they start to lose mobility, I am gonna be a beast on the trails now. Thank you so much for giving me back a big part of my life!

– Leah Geertsen

I am now 48 years old and I train in martial arts. 4 years ago I had a string of injuries that held me back for 2 years, broken Xiphoid process, ribs, and a foot. In the process of trying to recover I injured my lower back stretching. I was in a bad place, trying conventional methods to heal with no results. I even tried Bikram Yoga to try to heal my back. I then stumbled on to one of Naudi’s Youtube videos. From there I watched several more over the next few weeks and started implementing some of his techniques. That led me to his book “The Power of Posture” and then “The 10-Week Course.”

– James Weakland


Surgeon thought I’d be back for surgery some time this year after 2 years of Physio and Hydro with no results. Thanks to FP Steve Naumovski for all your help. FP for life.

– Jehad Rizk